Thursday, October 2, 2008

Beyond the Blue

The Carnival theme this week is to blog about anything to do with your work (past, present or future) which is outside of Etsy. That's a super easy one for me...I am a retired flight attendant.
Sometimes I wonder where the time went. I can still remember certain flights, people and places like yesterday, but the time factor is just a blurb. ( I took early retirement).
I do miss going to Europe every weekend. Most of the time it was just a 24 hr layover, so I either went out and started exploring right away or "crashed". I wasn't one of those who could nap for 3 hrs and then get up and go out and stay out until night time.
One time I had a 2 day layover in Dublin and remember looking around the table that evening in the pub and thinking I am tired of you people, I want to go home. So I tried not to do long layovers again.
Now I enjoy creating items for my etsy shop, watching my boys play sports, talking with my daughters and gardening.