Thursday, February 28, 2008

Peaches versus Water

The great debate continues...I heard on Star 94 this morning that the mayor of Chattanooga, TN brought 2000 bottles of H2O to the GA capital yesterday, and the delivery man was dressed as Davy Crocket. Of course, it was "all in good fun" according to the report.

Well, the new morning DJ's on STAR 92 couldn't let that go unanswered. So this morning they were planning to take a helicopter, fly up to the GA/TN border, and scoop water out of the TN river with a bucket hanging from the heilcopter and bring the water back to GA. On top of that they were going to drop canned peaches into TN.

For those of you unaware, GA is in a severe drought and there seems to be some dispute on where the actual border between the 2 states lies. It just so happens to be along the river and GA wants that part of the river returned to GA.

I'll be listening to the radio today and let you know what happens...

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