Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back To School

As most of the country is getting ready to go back to school, we are entering our second week here in Georgia. All of the anticipation of new classes, new teachers, new friends has calmed down. As my younger son said, now we have to start curriculum. So it's signing agendas and making sure homework is done before running to football practice. Somewhere in there dinner or a snack to hold him over until dinner.

Now, as the days have go by I find myself looking at the clock, waiting for the door to open and hear his cherry voice and get a big hug and kiss. Since Chris started middle school this year, it seems like he is gone all day (well he is)! - from 8am until 4pm. The bus picks up and drops the boys at the end of the driveway since we live "out" and not in a neighborhood. A nice convenience and as Erma Bombeck once said, the school bus was her best friend- it showed up like clockwork to take them and then dropped them back off at the end of the day.

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storybeader said...

I don't think kids realize how trying it is for parents when they go back to school. Good to have a free "chauffer."